Visit the Virginia Water Gardens Retail Store

Create a lush paradise right in your own backyard with our custom designed water gardens featuring ponds, streams, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls and landscaping. Or watching exotic koi and other colorful fish swimming peacefully in your pond. All of our water gardens are one of a kind...custom designed and expertly installed just for you.

Virginia Water Gardens is family owned and operated. Our retail store is located at 308 Cambridge Street (Route 1) just 7/10 of a mile North of Route 17.

Customer Testimonials

Charlie, Net, and the whole team from VA Water Gardens have transformed our empty, oddly-shaped backyard into a beautiful and tranquil spot that draws us out of our house and brings us closer to nature. The pond, waterfalls, and landscaping designed by Charlie and installed and maintained by his team have provided us with a place to enjoy watching our fish, various birds, and other local wildlife year-round without needing to pack up and hit the road. - Dennis & Diane Quick

The best part about becoming acquainted with the folks at Virginia Water Gardens was that we found a solution to our backyard becoming unusable every time it rained. Charlie and his crew installed a RainXChange pondless water feature that collects the water from our roof and the neighbors and ta da the next rainstorm the pond is full, not our backyard. Additionally, we have a wonderful calming water garden and an alternate water source, if desired, for watering the plants in the yard. Thanks to all the folks at Virginia Water Gardens for all the help and continued support of our pond. - Jay and Sarah Hodgson

I cannot speak highly enough about the folks at Virginia Water Gardens. You will not find a harder working team – from their willingness to make the lengthy trip to my home in Leesburg, to going above and beyond to protect my yard from the machinery that they used, to painstakingly placing each boulder, to working long, arduous days in the heat of the summer, to their annual cleaning and inspection of the pond. Without a doubt, Virginia Water Gardens offers the best price around, the best workmanship around, and perhaps most importantly, the best customer service around. - Kelli T., Leesburg, VA