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LED Pond Lighting

Serving Virginia in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford Counties and Surrounding Areas

Pond Low Voltage LED Underwater Lighting Installation Contractor

308 Cambridge Street Fredericksburg, Virginia (VA) 22405 – Also Serving the Spotsylvania & Stafford County Surrounding Areas

Virginia Water Gardens - LED Pond Lighting

Why Lighting for your Pond or Water Feature?

The fact is, water features bring people together, they evoke the senses to encourage peace and relaxation.

If you're like the rest of us working stiffs in the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania & Stafford County, Virginia (VA) area... you're out of the house early in the A.M. & 4-5 months of the year, you don't get home until after dark.

If this is the case, your water feature needs lights more than ever. If your pond installer designed your water feature properly, and built the water feature to be viewed from the interior of the house also, pond lighting will extend the viewing pleasures of your beautiful oasis.

We offer all different types of lighting installations for all your water feature needs. We also have all of the lights we install available at our retail location. Stop in today and say hello! The size of your water feature doesn't matter. Whether you have a small patio pond or fountainscape, or a large commercial waterfall, using LED low voltage lighting will enhance all the beautiful points of your water feature for optimal nighttime viewing.

Another benefit: lights during the spring and summer allow you to see your fish in their natural environments, the dark ceiling of the water prevents them from seeing you at the waters edge, and allows you to see them "Naturally" interact with their environment.

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Not only do we design and build beautiful garden fountains and water features, but we can also service and maintain your investments to keep it looking beautiful all year. Pond, waterfall, fountain and water feature service and cleanouts are our specialties. We service over 100 clients annually, so you can trust us to get the job done right.

Virginia Water Gardens - Hand holding phone
Virginia Water Gardens - LED Pond Lighting

Perfect To Light That Small Space In Your Yard

Why LED lighting? A popular question from our Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania & Stafford County, Virginia (VA) area clients is why should we use LED Lighting? LED Landscape Lighting only uses about 25% of the energy of a typical landscape lighting system. This energy savings over a long period can be substantial. Also LED lights have a very long lamp life, up to 30-40,000 hours plus. That’s more than 10 times the lamp life of typical bulbs used in outdoor lighting systems.
That translates to almost 22 years at 5 hours per day…..WOW!….. Other benefits are LED lights produce much lower heat, use less cable and smaller transformers. All this translates to big savings every year in energy and maintenance cost compared to the traditional 12 volt outdoor lighting system.

Certified Aquascape Pond Contractor, Designer, Builder & Installer Services Serving Spotsylvania, Arlington & Falls Church, Virginia (VA)