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Aquatic Plants

Serving Virginia in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford Counties and Surrounding Areas

Quality Aquatic Plants, Planters, Aquatic Fertilizer & Supplies ​For Your Pond Or Aquatic Water Garden

308 Cambridge Street Fredericksburg, Virginia (VA) 22405 – Also Serving the Spotsylvania & Stafford County Surrounding Areas

Virginia Water Gardens - Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants & Plant Supplies

Most aquatic plants grow aggressively here in the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania & Stafford County, Virginia, VA area, and throughout last summer and fall your plants may have grown beyond the limits of their containers. Overgrown plants will gradually decline, and may eventually choke themselves to death. Repotting plants is easy and can be quite rewarding. By providing your plants room to grow, they will absorb more food from the natural nutrients in the pond and the fertilizers you provide. They will also grow lush and reward you with more blooms.

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Not only do we design and build beautiful garden fountains and water features, but we can also service and maintain your investments to keep it looking beautiful all year. Pond, waterfall, fountain and water feature service and cleanouts are our specialties. We service over 100 clients annually, so you can trust us to get the job done right.

Virginia Water Gardens - Aquatic Plants
Virginia Water Gardens - Aquatic Plants

Pond Plant Potting Media

Aquascape Pond Plant Potting Media is an all-natural, non-toxic alluvial planting media perfect for supporting the growth of aquatic plants. Each bag is free of peat moss or compost and completely safe for your pond fish.

Benefits Of Aquascape's Potting Media

  • All-natural, non-toxic aquatic planting media
  • Helps aquatic plants to thrive
  • Fine grained
  • Peat moss and compost free
  • Safe for pond fish
Virginia Water Gardens - Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Planters

Aquascape Aquatic Planters allow you to quickly and easily add aquatic plants to ponds, waterfalls, and other water features. Made from fine, porous material, the planters allow water in while preventing soil from entering the pond, helping to keep your pond clean and clear.

The flexibility of the material prevents them from ever breaking or cracking and makes it simple to place the plants in tight spaces where typical plastic pots may not fit. The black color of the planters allows them to easily blend in with its surroundings. Two planters included.

Aquascape's Planters

  • Makes planting aquatic plants simple and easy
  • Prevents soil from entering the pond
  • Allows for plantings in tight spaces
  • Never break or crack
  • Two planters included
Pond Fish & Pond Plants, Fish Food Products Serving Spotsylvania, Arlington & Falls Church, Virginia (VA) Areas