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Ultra 1100 Water Pump


The Aquascape Ultra 1100 Water Pump is ideal for use with decorative fountains, external filters, small ponds, and other various water feature applications. The fish-safe, oil-free design uses mag-drive technology making this pump extremely energy efficient, saving hundreds of dollars over traditional pumps. The included 3-way valve, threaded elbow, and multi-hose fittings make this pump easy to install in a wide variety of applications.

The durable pre-filter cage protects the pump, and the locking cage design makes it easy to remove the pre-filter for cleaning and maintenance, providing years of trouble-free operation. A wide, flat base and rubber feet make the Ultra 1100 Water Pump stable and decrease the amount of vibration during use. The included fittings are compatible with most ¾””, 1″”, 1.25″”, and 1.5″” pipe.